Everything to Me


"The thing about dogs and homeless is that they become more of a family member. My dog - I consider her like my co-companion. I’ve been with her eight years. She’s like my child. I can’t imagine my life without her.

She is everything to me.

She comes first above all other things. She’s what makes me happy and keeps me going." 

"Everything to Me" began as an attempt to combat stereotypes surrounding homelessness, particularly the stigma placed on people who have pets with them. It is partnered with the work of the Center for One Health Research at the University of Washington and their aim to create a "One Health" clinic where both persons experiencing homelessness and their animals could receive medical care. Together, these projects merge visual storytelling, research, clinical care, and community outreach to show the importance of the human-animal bond and support those struggling with homelessness to receive the care they need for themselves and their animals.  




"He’s my family. He’s the person that listens when I talk to him. He’s not judgmental. He’s my therapy animal. He acts like he’s my protection. Which is great, that’s what a dog should do. I take good care of my dog, I give him shots, had him licensed, I’ve done everything I could to keep him. It’s hurtful that people don’t think that I should keep him. He’s my friend."