Veterinary Services & SPay/Neuter

Doney Memorial Pet Clinic: Union Gospel Mission (318 2nd Ave Ext S, Seattle, WA, 98104) in Pioneer Square. Free basic veterinary care, vaccinations, and $5 flea treatment held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 3-5pm. Line up early to receive care and/or free pet food and supplies. Pets must be spayed/neutered or you must be willing to do so to receive care - free spay/neuter vouchers will be provided to you if animals are not already altered. You can receive care once before spaying/neutering your animal. 

Pet Project: Offshoot of Seattle Humane Society's Pet Food Bank, provides veterinary care and pet services to homeless and low-income individuals with HIV/AIDS or cancer by matching volunteers one-on-one to assist with basic pet care needs. Call (425) 649-7566 if you are living with HIV or cancer to be considered for Pet Project services. 

Seattle Animal Shelter: The Spay and Neuter Clinic at the Seattle Animal Shelter is open to everyone, regardless of income or place of residence. Funds exist to cover your fees you if you cannot afford the surgery. Call (206) 386-4260 to make an appointment. 

PAWS: PAWS offers low cost spay/neuter surgeries for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and rabbits to qualifying low-income individuals. Locate in Lynnwood, about 20 miles north of Seattle. Call (425) 787-2500 x820 to make an appointment. 

Seattle Humane Society: Located in Bellevue, the Seattle Humane Society offers low cost spay/neuter surgeries, including free "Mom's Last Litter" spays when the litter is placed for adoption. Other limited time offers occur on occasion depending on various grants. Call (425) 649-7560 for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

For information on Fair Housing and Fair Public Accommodations and issues related to finding housing with an animal, contact the King County Office of Civil Rights



Pet Food & Toys

  • Ballard Food Bank
  • Seattle Animal Shelter
  • Doney Memorial Pet Clinic
  • Seattle Humane Society



Please note all lists are still being updated, check back for more information!